• Fees once paid are Non refundable under any circumstances.
  • All fees are to be paid in advance.
  • Changes in the Fees may take place without any notice due to changes of fees structure and / or foreign exchange fluctuation.
  • The process for Eligibility certificate will not be started until and unless the fees are paid in full.
  • Having a Eligibility certificate does not guarantee jobs whether in DHA and/ or any other hospital / clinic in Dubai. It is just a certificate that applicant is authorized to work in Dubai.
  • INTERSCOPE does not guarantee any job on receipt of Eligibility certificates, it is purely processing the documents to get the ‘Eligibility certificate’.
  • DHA Eligibility certificates are valid for jobs only in Dubai and no other Emirates or Gulf country as each emirate / country has their own Eligibility criteria / certificate.
  • INTERSCOPE does not guarantee Eligibility certificates as issuing Eligibility certificate is a sole criteria of Dubai health Authorities and INTERSCOPE has no say in the matter whatsoever.
  • Getting Eligibility certificate would purely depend on applicants certificates and experiences.
  • Applicant should be presently working and should have minimum 2 years continuous working experience certificate which should not be more then 3 months old. Preferably the Applicant should be presently working.
  • The applicant is supposed to provide all the documents as required for application for DHA Eligibility certificates, failure of providing the same in time would result in rejection of Applicant Eligibility certificates. INTERSCOPE would not be responsible for the same.
  • INTERSCOPE is purely an agent for smooth processing of application for Eligibility certificate and neither authorized by DHA or any other agency nor eligible to Issue Eligibility certificates. Issuing of Eligibility certificates is purely a DHA prerogative.
  • Applicant is solely responsible for the genuineness of certificates, Passport and other documents required for application of Eligibility certificates and INTERSCOPE is not responsible if the Application is rejected due to same.
  • Once certificates are uploaded and approved, the candidate would have to BOOK for the exams and pay for the exam charges separately. The candidate would have to attend the exam at their own cost by travelling to the place of examination at their own expense. The EXAM is valid for 1 year only (within 1 year the candidate has to get a job and upload the Labour Card and Insurance provided by the Employer in Dubai)
  • On receipt of Eligibility certificate the applicant would have to provide a Dubai Labour card and Insurance to obtain Nursing License.
  • INTERSCOPE would be responsible only to provide ‘Eligibility Certificate’ and not Nursing License (which DHA would give only on applicant getting a job in Dubai Emirate).
  • Eligibility certificate would normally take minimum 7 to 8 weeks after receipt of clear documents as mentioned along with the payment.
FOR STAFF NURSE – Only BSc , PBSc and GNM with 3 and1/2 years
FOR ASST NURSE – Only Diploma or GNM ( 3 yrs)
All candidates should be having minimum 2 years continuous working experience.
Note: Candidates having only GNM (3 years) are NOT eligible for Staff Nurse position and are eligible ONLY for assistant Nurse position.